Friday, January 28, 2011

"Back in Business"

So I picked up my sewing machine yesterday! YAY! I gave it a test run this morning and it runs like a dream! Amazing what a little cleaning and oiling can do!

Here are some pictures of a project I am currently working on. It will be a crib bumper when it's done. I bought the fabrics at the store where I work. I love the puppy fabric. There are some really cute boy fabrics out there. This one matches the aqua & green stripes on my nursery walls really well. The blocks are pieced and I am working on machine quilting each section right now.

In other news tomorrow is our biggest sale of the year at work - PJ PARTY! It's from 6-9am and all in stock merch. is 40% off. That's right - 40%! The store is usually PACKED! (for obvious reasons. :) It's really fun and a great deal. Check out our website for more info. Wish me luck - I am not a morning person!! :)

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  1. I think I'll be there tomorrow - maybe I'll try to get out there and back before the boys get up. :) Those fabrics (and completed bumper) are so cute!! I was just thinking I should get some tomorrow and then I remembered that I'm not having a boy - I'm so programed for boys sometimes I forget that this one is a girl. :)