Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kitchen Talk

Hello all and welcome! This being my first post I'm not quite sure where to start but I guess I'll just jump right in. Lately I have had kitchen remodeling on the brain. We bought our quaint little fixer-upper in 2005 - a few months before my husband and I got married. With tons of help from friends and family we have been able to do much "fixing up" of our little home with the exception of the kitchen.

Our kitchen has many charming aspects to it but over time I have come to see those less and less because of the alarming lack of practicality it holds (or fails to hold!). SO, with the consent and support of my sweet but "not-so-crazy-about-remodeling" husband we have officially started on the project! Over time I have been able to save up a bit of cash and so that will be going towards my new kitchen.

So here is the challenge: come up with some sort of plan that includes more/new storage, a place to sit/eat, a built-in dishwasher (we have a portable one now that sits in the middle of the kitchen for lack of a better place.), solution to the ugly paneling and tile walls and ceiling, all must be practical for kids and the dog AND all must fit into the 9'x20' space we have. AND all for under our budgeted amount of $3000.

Sounds crazy I know........ maybe it is......... oh well. Never stopped me before. Did I mention that we have a 19 month old son and are expecting another in May? Yes, you're right. I am crazy. But I enjoy it. :)

So here are some inspiration photos I found while perusing the internet tonight. Thought I'd share them. I want to go for a casual, cottage type look. I will take some photos of the kitchen, paint chips and etc. soon and post for all to see.

All photos are from unless noted otherwise.

This one's a little more modern than my taste but it still "feels good."
I plan to paint my cabinets cream like these. But distressed.

This is a cute kitchen and done on a small budget yet to boot!

I LOVE checkerboard floors! Especially when they're done in muted colors
(not a huge fan of the typical black and white.) Not sure if I want to commit to the
time that it takes to paint one though. We'll see....

*swoon* isn't that floor just so darn charming?

You will find that a lot of these pics have a few things in common.
Farmhouse sinks, hardwood floors, cream cabinetry, and beadboard!

Charming. Don't you think?

come visit again! :)


  1. Welcome to the blogging world. :) I love the hardwood floors! I agree, the white and green floor is charming, I only worry about the cracks and how deep they are and if they would be hard to clean - but it looks amazing. Good luck with the kitchen remodel - there are so many choices and things that can be done, I imagine it can be overwhelming.

  2. Yea! Whitneys online - excited to read all that is new in your world! I love all of the pictures, great country chic kitchens. I really like the floor, but feel like you would have to use ALOT of coats of finish to prevent chairs from ruining all your hard work. This isn't a problem if your loving husband is willing to finish the floors :]

  3. Yeah I would have to agree w/ you guys. As cool as those floors look they look like TONS of work in painting them and upkeep. I think we are just going to go w/ finished hardwood. Andie (Amy's b/f) is going to be doing the work for us so that's cool. He works for Ivan Yoder builders but is doing this as a side thing during his slow time at work.