Friday, January 22, 2010

Work Day #1

Well yesterday we started the demolition and cabinet painting. We had lots of wonderful helpers and got A LOT done! Here are some pics of some of the things we've done so far. More to come. I will take a picture of what my kitchen looks like now when the lighting allows. Today I am working on moving boxes and making our house a little more livable. You really don't know how much stuff you have until you try to move it all somewhere else!!

Cabinet doors and drawer faces are off and ready to be painted!

Here are some before pictures. This was my kitchen the morning of 1/21/10.

Before shot #2

Before shot #3

Before shot #4

My new countertops! Can't wait to see how they look on the cabinets!

Mom K and Jeff working on moving everything out of the cabinets so we can start demo.

Doors and drawers are gone. Time to get started tearing out!

In the afternoon I went over to Pop's workshop to paint the
cabinet doors and drawer faces w/ Amy.

We got them all primed! Next.... sanding, and a couple finish coats.

More pics to come!


  1. wow - so jealous of all new cabinets :] It's going to be wonderful! [ps: when you're done with your crew... send them over here!]

  2. Looks like you got alot of work done already! I can't wait to see the finished cabinets with the countertop all installed. Are you changing up the location of your large appliances? And I definitely have some stove envy.:)

  3. Heidi: I would love all new cabinets but the top ones are staying. Just replacing the base cabinets. I think it'll be great though! I don't mind the top ones really. The bottom ones just weren't workin for me! I will have to talk to my crew about sending them to your place. ;) haha.

    Nicole: We got more done than I thought we would in 1 day! That's for sure! I can't wait to see the finished product either! The large appliances will stay where they are. I thought and thought and thought some more about moving them but ended up keeping them in the same places. I really like my stove too! Just hoping it hangs in there for as long as we are in this house! It's huge and one that size would be really expensive to replace now-a-days!