Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Work In Progress

As promised here are some pictures of my torn apart kitchen!
We are moving right along with the renovation!

There were several layers of vinyl flooring plus underlayment to remove before getting to the hard wood. This blue flooring had TONS of staples and nails in it. Thanks a heap to my Kaufman family for completing the terrible task of removing them all one by one!!

The top cabinets are staying and getting a fresh paint job. We are only replacing the lower cabinets. Can't wait to see what it all looks like!

Here is a shot of what our living room currently looks like. Not exactly ideal but this too shall pass. :) It's for a good cause and I know it will be worth it! And there is little Raine. He thinks it's great having the fridge and snacks in the living room!

Here is a sampling of my color scheme. Not the best picture - I know. But it was a rainy day so I didn't have much natural light. They are labeled as to which color is for what. I actually decided to go one shade lighter for the walls. They look a little different in person than in the picture but you get the general idea.

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And here is a picture of the drawer pulls I plan to buy for the kitchen! I love these things!
All the hardware will be antique bronze if all goes as planned.

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  1. Raine is getting so big! There are some great benefits to a kitchen living room. :) (and obvious pitfalls - like carpet...) Which reminds me of our first apartment which did have thick carpet in the bathroom and kitchen... anyways... I love your color choices - it is going to look really nice! And love the hardware too. :)